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Our aims - Restoring, Riding and Enjoying!

The Club’s aims are to encourage the restoration, preservation and use within Queensland of Veteran, Vintage, Post Vintage, Post War and Historic Motorcycles. We welcome any make, any model and any style of motorcycle that is more than 30 years old.

The Club has 16 different Areas each holding their own monthly meetings and regular runs. Each year there are many Rallies all over Queensland, Swap Meets, Displays and other opportunities to get out and meet like minded people.

Being a member of the HMCCQ entitles you to register your Historic motorcycle under the Queensland Government's Special Interest Vehicle Scheme (SIVS) to enable more of these Classic machines to be able to get out and about on the road.

Queensland's first Motorcycle Manufacturer?...

Spencer levers

David Spencer was possibly the first manufacturer of motor cycles in Queensland. It is believed that only 10 machines were built and of these 2 remain in existence.

Both of these machines have been through the hands of HMCCQ members and have been restored, each is now on display in different museums.

The stories of both the man himself and the restorations are ones of early pioneers and dedicated preservers of early Queensland motoring history.


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Join the Historical Motor Cycle Club of Queensland to connect with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, celebrate the rich heritage of motorcycles, and contribute to the preservation of a cultural legacy.

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The Special Interest Vehicle Concession Scheme (SIVS)  provides concessional registration fees to support and encourage the preservation and use of historical vehicles in Queensland.


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