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Updated: 18 January 2020
The HISTORIC Motorcycle

The Club has thrived for almost 50 years, which in no small part has been due to the dedication of those members who have served on the Management Committee. The Honour Board of the those who have kept the Club functioning for all those years is available here.

    Club Management 2019-20

2019 Management Committee
         The committee from left: Paul, Bill, Ken, Rob and Sherri.
Management Committee Committee Monthly News
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    Nov-Dec 2019
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    October 2019
SECRETARY: Bill Stephens
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    September 2019

TREASURER: Rob Mutimer
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    HMCCQ Constitution and Bylaws
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    HMCCQ Life Membership Guidlines
Management Committee Delegates
EDITORS: Steve Wright
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Shayne Hart
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The H.M.C.C.Q. is a club formed in September 1970 with a present membership of over twelve hundred members, whose objectives are: To encourage correct restoration and preservation of the following classes of motorcycles: - Veteran, Vintage, Post Vintage, Post War and Historic. To actively engage in rallies, exhibitions and other events suitable for these machines. To offer the services of the Club, its members and vehicles to such charitable organizations as may be decided upon from time to time. To encourage the retention of the above classes of motorcycles in Queensland. To extend Club membership. To encourage participation in such activities associated with all or any of the above objectives which are intended to promote a better and wider knowledge and understanding of motorcycles among Club members and the public in general. An interesting monthly journal, " The Historic Motorcycle". is sent to every member. Members are encouraged to contribute any motorcycle related articles for publication in this journal. Frequent meetings, social runs, and other events are held on a regular basis.

The Club consists of a management committee and fifteen areas in Queensland, which engage in rallies, exhibitions and other events suitable for these types of machines. The areas are located in Brisbane, Burnett, Childers, Dalby, Fraser Coast, Gladstone, Gympie, Ipswich, Kingaroy, Mount Tamborine, Pine Rivers, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Warwick. All areas hold a monthly meeting and enjoy a monthly run open to all Club members. Longer rallies of two and three days and tours of four and seven days and longer are also organized.

As a member you are entitled to have your bikes registered under the Queensland Transport's Special Interest Vehicles (SIVS) Registration scheme provided they are eligible, being manufactured thirty years prior to registration date. Under this scheme members can ride their bikes to and or in any event sanctioned by this or any other appropriate club. This scheme is conditional on you retaining membership of the Club. Club members also receive a discount at rallies etc organised by the Club

Several areas have libraries with books and videos on these types of motorcycles and these are available for members use. The Club organizes several motorcycle swap meetings annually at Maleny, Laidley, Pine Rivers, and Fraser Coast to assist members in obtaining parts for restoration. The monthly journal has motorcycle related information, a calendar of events of this club and associated clubs, along with a classified section, which is free to members wishing to buy or sell bikes or parts. The journal, which will be sent with your membership card, and monthly thereafter, will also inform you of the various meeting places and area contact names.

As a restorer, one of the great advantages of being a member of the Club is the wealth of knowledge available from other members who have previously completed similar restorations. A pleasing aspect of being a member is the number of friendships that are formed through participation in the many activities of the Club.

For further information contact the HMCCQ Club Secretary listed above or check the Area Contacts page for alternative contact methods.

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